Project 3

Product Commercialization Project

3rd Project

Development of microscopic 3D wireless endoscope and artificial intelligence reading system with magnetic field-based active drive ability
Managing InstituteDongguk University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group (Intromedic)
Project ManagersYunjeong Lim
Project Period2019 ~ 2022 (4 years)

Support Details

  • [Module] Electromagnetic drive module
  • [Module] MRmodule
  • Capsule performance test support
  • Guideline and licensing support
  • Related information provision

Roles of the Technology Development Center

Full Cycle Support
  • Guideline
  • Technology/Industry/Market Trend
  • Roadmap Strategy Report
  • Derivation of Difficulties in Technology Development/Licensing
Diffusion of Outcome
  • Patent Trend Survey
  • Outcome Exchange Meeting (twice a year)
  • Technology Transfer Investment Presentation (once a year)
  • Participation in the Korea Medical Microrobotics Association
  • Establishment of Korea Medical Microrobotics Society