Integrated System

Integrated System

  • Analysis of tissue characteristics and diagnosis/treatment factors for each target disease
  • Establishment of medical microrobotics diagnosis/treatment scenario by disease
  • Optimal medical microrobotics design considering characteristic analysis
  • Application of optimal common ground module combination technique by disease
  • Production of optimal medical microrobotics integrated system by disease
  • Common ground module and prototype of medical microrobotics for treatment of solid cancer, circulatory and digestive system

Optimized medical microrobotics Integrated System for Solid Cancer

Drive Module a1 이동형 전자기구동 a3 로봇형 전자기구동 a5 자체 구동
Carrier Module c1 종양색전 캐리어 c2 출혈색전 캐리어 c3 야누스약물캐리어 c5 Exosome 캐리어
Diagnosis & Treatment Module d1 심박조율 진단 d2 혈역학 진단 d3 겹눈 진단 d4 장측정 진단 d5 지혈 패치 d6 미생물채취전달 d7 재구성 조립
Recognition & Visualization Module v1 Meso-scale 인식 모듈
고형암 치료용모듈은 a2,a4+c4+v2+v3을 선별 조합하여 구성됩니다.
  • a2 고정형 전자기구동
    Fixed Electromagnetic Actuation Module
    - Actuation module for affected areas such as liver, lung, pancreas
  • a4 초음파구동
    Ultrasonic Actuation Module
    - Suitable for NK cell carrier focused drive without magnetic particles
    - Simple and light hand-held method
  • NK Cell 캐리어
    NK cell Carrier Module
    - Non-toxic carrier module carrying solid cancer treatment drug
    - Adds the effect of drugs to NK cell's function of killing cells
  • Micro-scale 인식 모듈
    Micro-scale Recognition Module
    - Real-time carrier recognition module considering NK cell size (20㎛)
  • Mixed Reality 시각화 모듈
    MR Visualization Module
    - Visualization and simulation of medical microrobotics procedure

Solid Cancer

고형암질환 참고이미지
  • Primary occurrence in specific organs such as liver, lungs,and brain
  • Topical therapies such as surgical tumor removal and radiation therapy, and systemic therapy through drug administration
  • Adverse events caused by peripheral tissue damage, toxicity, and non-selective delivery

Cell Therapy Procedures and Limitations

세포치료제 시술 및 한계 참고이미지
  • Chemotherapy by Immune Cell Injection
  • Repetitive or concurrent treatment with high cost, low directivity, and low cell activity due to tumor microenvironment

Medical Efficacy

고형암 치료옹 통합시스템 의료적 효과
  • External electromagnetic drive module + NK cell carrier + Recognition visualization module
  • Functional carrier to maintain cellular activity and inhibit cancer cells in solid cancer environment
  • High-dose immune cell and drug delivery function
  • Maximized treatment efficacy by external active driving and control by carrier