Project 5

Product Commercialization Project

5th Project

Development of micro medical robot system for obstructive vascular disease treatment and embolism prevention, and approval of exploratory clinical trial
Managing InstituteHanyang University (CVBIO, Hanyang University Hospital)
Project ManagersGeonhui Jang
Project Period2019 ~ 2022 (4 years)

Support Details

  • Calibration and performance evaluation by measuring magnetic flux density of magnetic driving system
  • Evaluation of the performance of integrated systems in a 3-D environment similar to the human body Utilization of human blood vessel simulator (EVE) capable of generating pulsation
  • Experiment environment for X-ray-based wireless real-time location tracking of micro robots: Possible to use commercial C-arm
  • Review of integrated system compatibility for building imaging system: Utilization of human blood vessel simulator (EVE) and commercial C-arm X-rays

Roles of the Technology Development Center

Full Cycle Support
  • Guideline
  • Technology/Industry/Market Trend
  • Roadmap Strategy Report
  • Derivation of Difficulties in Technology Development/Licensing
Diffusion of Outcome
  • Patent Trend Survey
  • Outcome Exchange Meeting (twice a year)
  • Technology Transfer Investment Presentation (once a year)
  • Participation in the Korea Medical Microrobot Association
  • Establishment of Korea Medical Microrobot Society