Research Goals and Content

Common Base Module

  • Actuation
    Actuation Module5 types
    Module that adds driving or movement to medical microrobotics inside the human body
  • Carrier
    Carrier Module5 types
    Module that carries and delivers micro-therapeutics (biomaterial such as drugs, immune cells, stem cells) to the target location
  • Device
    Diagnosis & Treatment Module 7 types
    Module that adds a variety of diagnostic and treatment functions to robots of a specific size (ex. capsule endoscopy)
  • Visualization
    Recognition & Visualization Module3 types
    Module for image visualization or real-time location tracking of medical microrobotics inside the human body
구동모듈, 캐리어모듈, 진단/치료모듈, 인식/시각화 모듈에 해당하는 이미지.
질환별 최적 마이크로의료로봇통합시스템(3종)= A 구동모듈 + C 캐리어모듈 + D 진단/치료모듈 + V 인식/시각화모듈