Steering Committee


Composition : 10 experts composition including project director

Order Name Affiliation Position Field
1 Hwang Gyoung Hyun Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (Former) Director Policy Specialty
(Mechanical Engineering)
2 Jung Gyung Ryul Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Head of Wellness Convergence Technology Development Policy Specialty
(Mechanical Engineering)
3 Hyun Byoung Hwan Daejeon University  Professor Policy Specialty
(Bio Policy)
4 Lee Myoung Kwon Mirae Asset Capital Senior Manager, Investment Division(Ph.DPh.D.) VC
(Bio Investment Review)
5 Park Ho Joon Korea Testing Laboratory Medical Device Research Center Director Related field expert
(Medical device development)
6 Huh Gang Mu Chungnam National University Professor Related field expert
(Nanorobot Joint Research)
7 Lee Gyu Sung Samsung Medical Center
(Smart Medical Device Center)
Professor/Center Director(Urology) Medical Team
(Organizes clinical trials of transplantable medical devices)
8 Kim Song Cheol Asan Medical Center
(Biomedical Engineering Research Center)
Professor/Manager(Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery) Medical Team
(Stem cell research, robotic surgery center director)
9 Kim Chung Ju AULBIO CTO Related field expert
(Polymer reaction engineering, controlled release study)
10 Park Jong Oh Korea Institute of Medical Microrobotics Director Head of Business

Performing Role

  • Deliberation on key issues related to the implementation of the consulting, evaluation and planning of the 'Medical Microrobot Commercialization Common Ground Technology Development Center' Project.
  • Recommendation and evaluation committee participation from the steering committee between the configuration and operation of the committee for self-evaluation